Ray Dretske

Jun 9, 2021

President/CEO, rSchoolToday
University of North TexasrSchoolToday – DWC
Winona, Minnesota, United

Scott is one of the most entrepreneurial Athletic Directors I have ever worked with. He is a very caring AD and understands the nuances of the job very well. He’s VERY well organized, is an excellent multi-tasker; can pack a lot into a day. He’s good at juggling a hundred details at once without losing his cool. While very passionate about success, he can see the lighter side of things as well; he has a great sense of humor. I think Scott’s greatest gift though is his business sense. He truly understands the business side of the Activities Department, and is an excellent fund-raiser. He’s a great promoter of his programs as well as can think outside of the box when it comes to finding effective ways to make things happen for his students and his programs. He doesn’t just talk the game – he is a ‘get it done’ guy. He likes to stay on the cutting edge of technology and employ it to his advantage.


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