The impact coaches have on their athletes is changing loves each day, only recently have researchers reached a consensus concerning the key coaching principles & methods that consistently ensure the most positive outcomes for athletes and coaches. 

The Coaches’ Handbook example attached can provide a framework in developing your athletic department approach to coaching and provides possible applications to raise the quality of coaching within your district.

The information provided in this handbook is meant to provide guidance to coaches in performing their job duties and responsibilities. Click on this link to view Sample Coaches Handbook

School Athletic Event Safety Risks
Many school athletic events pose relatively low safety risks.  Many middle school games, as well as certain high school games, attract smaller crowds of spectators, involve less emotional rivalries, and overall do not present major security concerns.

School Athletic Event Security Strategies
Advanced planning for security strategies for athletic events is very important.  It is important to remember that “advanced” planning means more than saying on Thursday that, “We need to get a couple of cops to work tomorrow night at the game.”

Some security strategies will require funding.  Hiring off-duty police officers, paying overtime to school security personnel, funding stipends for additional school staff, installing surveillance cameras, and other measures simply come with a cost attached.

But there are also many operational strategies, policies, procedures, communications, and planning techniques that require more time than money. In today’s busy schools, getting people to “find the time” for security planning is often more difficult than “finding the money.”

Critical Incident & Emergency Response Plan

Plan for emergencies and know how to respond.

Families and communities expect schools to keep their children safe from a range of emergency events, like crime, natural disasters, and accidents. Emergencies can happen at any time, and planning for different emergencies can be challenging for schools. A key component of emergency planning is creating an Emergency Operations Plan (school EOP), or a document that outlines how a school will prepare, respond, and recover from an emergency.

Every district or school should develop and implement comprehensive school EOPs that describe the actions that students, teachers, and school staff should take before, during, and after emergency events, and everyone should have a common understanding of what will be expected of them. Any reduction of time between the beginning and end of an incident can save lives.

Medical Emergency Response Plan

Athletic Department Internships

Expectations for Athletic Department Internships 

  • Currently enrolled in Saint Leo University and in good standing
  • A desire to gain experience in a Collegiate Athletic Department
  • Good written, verbal communication, and organizational skills
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Ability to multi-task, meet deadlines, and problem solve in a fast-paced environment
  • Maintain a professional appearance and conduct at all times
  • Must work well with others but also be self-sufficient
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times

If you are interested in an internship with our Athletic Department, please complete this form to apply.

If you have questions about any of the internships below, please reach out to these people directly.

Internship Job Descriptions

Student Sportsmanship Summit Agenda

The mission of the Sportsmanship Summit was to strengthen the principles of sportsmanship by promoting teamwork, sharing resources and providing a platform to make a difference in sportsmanship in our school. The event was designed to assist our district schools in addressing citizenship and sportsmanship values with students, student-athletes, adult fans, advisors, parents and booster clubs; developing plans to improve and maintain sportsmanship; and setting sportsmanship expectations.


Reasons for Sport Sponsorships

Here are our some reasons why sports sponsorship are important in brand marketing strategy.   Builds Brand Awareness, Drives Excitement to the Brands Products & Services, Increases Product Sales & Services, Market Expansion, Marketing Launches, Drives Website Traffic, & Sports is a Highly Appealing Target Audience!


As we begin the 2021 school year many athletic administrators are gearing up for out of state travel. We have had many AD’s reach out regarding Out of State Travel & Over Night Policies & Procedures. Click on the Button Below for your Free Resources.

Sportsmanship Pre-Game Announcement

Pre-Game Sportsmanship Message | Good sportsmanship is important because it makes competitive play more enjoyable for everyone. While winning might feel like the most important thing during sporting events, good sportsmanship teaches competitors how to be gracious & respectful towards others. Compliments of Dr. Jake Von Scherrer


Pre-Season AD Tool Kit

Using our decades of experience in developing and implementing athletic programs, this AD Toolkit introduces you to everything you need to get the season started off in the right direction. We provide guidelines & templates to develop structure for your organization and, if a coach is engaged, provide information that will assist you in managing the coaching process. The processes used in this tool kit can provide you with a set of resources you need to design, communicate, implement, and manage coaching programs for your organization.


AD’s are you preparing for your upcoming Fall All Sport Coach’s meeting?  We have many resources available below.  Let us know if you would like us to post other materials as you prepare for the upcoming season.