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5 Signs our Athletic Directors have been Superheroes through the Pandemic

Aug 11, 2021

5 signs our NIAAA – National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association Athlietc Administrators have been Superhero’s through the pandemic

1. Superhero Mindset-Being a Superhero is a Mindset! Instead of allowing the pandemic to drag us down, Athletic Administrators have used this time as an opportunity to grow in technology, mitigation strategies, fundraising, innovation & creativity to provide our students with positive experiences. We have had to Adapt, Adjust, & Reflect. AD’s become heroes through adversity!

2. AD’s-Superheroes are Servant Leaders! During the pandemic ADs have had to take initiative. ADs have had to have confidence & competence in dealing with issues never before even imagined. The pandemic has taught if we believe we can accomplish anything! Belief is powerful! Tell someone you believe in them & watch them soar!

3. AD’s-Superheroes have Secret Powers! Athletic Administrators have had to find their secret powers during the pandemic. ADs have had to show creativity, analyze & strategize, Plan, Take Action, Study, Act like a superhero even though the weight of the world has been on our shoulders! The burden has been great but giving our student-athletes the opportunity to participate in education based Athletics has been nothing short of heroic!

4. ADs-Superheroes Have a Strategy! ADs Take action. ADs act, they take the time to review the situation, and they create a plan that will allow them to defeat the foe. Then, they execute their heroic stand over the evil forces of COVID-19.

5. ADs-Superheroes are courageous! All ADs display courage. Although we have fear, ADs forge through the fear and do what needs to be done for our students. We Rise Above our fear & anxiety. Through the pandemic we have had to overcome our fears & obstacles. Like Underdog exclaims!! “There’s no need to fear, Underdog is here!”

Once an Athletic Administrator has chosen their heroic path, they forge on. We always stay true to our purpose, we remember our why, despite failures & run-ins with our evil arch nemesis. ADs persevere & fight the forces of evil to the bitter end!

Thank you to all our Athletic Administrators across the country & world for their heroic deeds during this past year. Please share this with an AD & Thank them for their tireless efforts! AD Superheroes Unite!!


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