BTB Leadership Academy

The Beyond the Bench Leadership Academy Workshop empowers athletic administrators & student-athletes with the tools to build & plan a sustainable leadership program. Beyond the Bench utilizes industry best practices & lessons learned from over 80 years of athletic administrative experience. We will tailor a leadership development program to your unique community needs.

Learning Objectives

  • Create a sustainable framework & implementation of Leadership Development
  • Learn & Identify school, needs, networks & resources
  • Learn how to measure & identify success for your leadership program
  • Develop positive relationships to empower coaches & student-athletes to aspire to a season of significance
  • Learn ways to engage your coaches & student-athletes to develop positive relationships within your programs.

BTB Leadership Framework

The BTB Leadership Academy Workshop will consist of various leadership development modules to empower & engage your coaches & student-athletes to build sustainable leadership on your teams. Our workshop will utilize keynote sessions, video content, team breakout sessions, & team activities to engage your athletics program in a transformational experience to create a positive athletic culture in your community.



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